Define Your Why

Research The What

Analyze The Who

Plan Your How

Execute / Integrate

Your Options To Bring On The Growth

No long recruiting, hiring, or onboarding process: 3 ways to put my experience to work…

Temporary Business Developer (MBA)

I will document and clarify the best opportunities around your business based on your vision for growing revenue, profit, and returns.

Contract Project Manager (PMP)

I will drive your existing vision forward through the proven framework of the Project Management Institute (PMI) one project at a time.

Business Growth Specialist (BDPM)

I manage the planning, development, and integration of the resources needed to create manageable business growth.

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Do you want a coach, advisor, mentor, guru, expert, or project manager to grow your business?

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Your ability to empower your team with the best tactical actions require strategic planning on your part. You should have a systematic approach to guiding your team towards your defined business goals. Join the thousands that have experienced the transition from work on to in your business

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Stop Investing In Costly Expansions. Start Investing In Smart Growth.
We integrate the resources to meet your Growth goals and vision.


Growth Project Category Types

Revenue Based (Effectiveness)

Meet your top-line goals through resources that build effective market access and customer awareness.

Profit Driven (Efficiency)

Drive up your bottom-line through projects that improve the business workflow team efficiency.

Returns Focused (Goal)

Establish the resources to improve your returns on a specific value through better leadership and networking up.