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Watch Executive Entrepreneur Hour 01.25.2014

EE Hour – News 92

This week’s show discusses:

  • P.R.
  • Legal talk
  • Aviation
  • Tech Events.
Looking for upcoming Houston events? Want to meet business leaders, see the latest technologies in the city, and learn how to proactively leverage relationships, places, platforms and valuable information for your business? Here it is.
Jonyprofit is joined by Kenneth Morris, LaTina Starling, Vannessa Wade, Miriam Nicole Huffman, Leon Goins, Michele Price, Daniel Cohen, Stephanie McKenzie, and Shay Singleton on eehour. We chat about mindset, pr, upcoming events and helping kids learn to fly.
And not to be forgotten, our host and top Houston business leader John “JonyProfit” Whaley.
If you missed the show and want to hear it, or want to hear it again, here’s your chance.
Info for today’s guests:


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