Wednesday, August 15, 2018 - 8:24AM CDT
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Executive Entrepreneur Hour host Jonyprofit shares the powerful language of leaders.

The Language of Economic Leaders with Jonyprofit

Today on the Executive Entrepreneur Hour with Jonyprofit it is “REAL TALK”, a popular phrased thrown around meaning opinion that is probably only real in ones mind, none-the-less, Jonyprofit will set out to help each of you better harness and leverage all the conflicting messages about getting ahead, growing a business, or just doing better in life. Tune-in to discover why you truly feel lonely at the top of your game.

Check out our upcoming open forums hosted by Jonyprofit. “Learn the Language of Economic Leaders Session I : on 12.17.2013” and “Learn the Language of Economic Leaders Session -Encore : on 12.19.2013”

Tune in today at 2pm on News 92 FM and don’t forget to give yourself the give that keeps on giving – Knowledge and Insight!

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