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Jonyprofit on stage at 2nd largest community college in United States
Jonyprofit Shares the Socioeconomic Blueprint with Executive Entrepreneurs.

Economic Leadership Training

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TBA - Houston Galleria Area
USD 495.00

This session is specifically designed to show you how to speak the language of key business and economic players so you can perform better in any business situation. You will leave this 180 minute interactive presentation with a break down of the entire economic genome, including a detailed discussion of who matters most and why.

There is no hype about getting rich, fancy cars, or big houses. You will not hear traditional outdated stories about one-off success super companies or people that started with nothing and now have billions. Instead, you will explicitly learn how the people around you can make or break you, more importantly you will discover exactly who, why, what, when and where these people need to be in your life.

Regardless, if you decide to play in politics, climb corporate ladders, super-size a small business, consume to be cool and comfortable, or work to be worthy; you should witness the power of the Jonyprofit Socioeconomic Blueprint and begin Learning the Language of Economic Leaders. You will never think the same again!

It’s the ultimate business workshop— hard-hitting information overload that will ring your jaw and your register.

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Meet John Whaley

John “Jonyprofit” Whaley is a top American business developer with inside connections at some of the country’s most powerful business organizations. His unique insights explain precisely how to find the moneyspeak the language of power and win in any business environment. Whaley is a former Goldman Sachs 10,000 Small Businesses business adviser and presenter with a track record of taking companies to the next level in business. He knows the rules for scaling up to corporate standards as well as harnessing the power of entrepreneurial vision, fusing the two together into one business development strategy. This strategy serves as the bedrock of the Jonyprofit philosophy, which has been presented at businesses, government organizations, institutions, and political groups.

Whaley is also host of Executive Entrepreneur Hour, Houston’s #1 radio show for executives and entrepreneurs, featured on 24 hour News 92.1 FM.

“Power and wealth are there for the taking. You just have to know what is where and how to get what you need.” 

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