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EEHOUR with Jonyprofit 04.05.2014

Don’t miss this show if you are sick and tired of everything business and life related. Today we talk about the big three resources for executive entrepreneurs, Jonyprofit will share 25 years of insight from the heart with viewers and listeners.

Three things that stop business owners is not location, credit, and cash-flow, according to your host Jonyprofit, every small business owner will benefit from understanding the three most important thoughts which are the right digital tools, the ability to leverage focus, and selecting the best people.

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Tune-in as Jonyprofit takes over the NEWS92FM studio live from Houston, TX on Radio One.

Guest include:

– @1millioncupshou‘s Anthony Covington: 713-487-5542 #EEHOUR

– Paul Queen. . @QualityWellness #EEHOUR

– @RayneseEdwards 281-746-5319.

– Stephanie Coleman

– Daniel Cohen @redshiftwriters

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