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EEHOUR with Jonyprofit 04.05.2014

Jonyprofit talks about progress

Don’t miss this show if you are sick and tired of everything business and life related. Today we talk about the big three resources for executive entrepreneurs, Jonyprofit will share 25 years of insight from the heart with viewers and listeners. Three things that stop business owners is not location, credit, and cash-flow, according to your host Jonyprofit, every small …

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Meet the Storyteller Family #eehour with Jonyprofit

Today on the Executive Entrepreneur Hour with Jonyprofit we get to meet the Storyteller Family. An incredible motivating session for people who enjoy chatting with real people with big hearts and awesome businesses. You know all the right stuff but your visual voice gets in the way of success? Have you ever wanted to talk like a superstar?  Well Shulunda …

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The Language of Economic Leaders with Jonyprofit

Mindmap from Jonyprofit

Today on the Executive Entrepreneur Hour with Jonyprofit it is “REAL TALK”, a popular phrased thrown around meaning opinion that is probably only real in ones mind, none-the-less, Jonyprofit will set out to help each of you better harness and leverage all the conflicting messages about getting ahead, growing a business, or just doing better in life. Tune-in to discover …

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Jeannie Bollinger On-Air 12.07.13 #EEHOUR

Jeannie M. Bollinger On-Air #EEHOUR

Find out the power of networks from Jeannie Bollinger today. Growth takes businesses at every level working together to move the economy and your bottom line. Jeannie is currently the CEO and President of Houston West Chamber of Commerce, a business membership organization with over six hundred business members representing approximately 45,000 employees in west Houston. She is responsible for general …

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Tandelyn Weaver On-Air 12.07.13 #EEHOUR

Tandelyn Weaver Headshot

Tandelyn joins me today to discuss how to enroll in The Construction Contractors College. Billions of dollars are being invested in construction throughout the region. Are you ready?   Tandelyn Atkinson Weaver is the Executive Director for The Kingdom Builders’ Center, Houston, TX.  The KBC,  a 501(c) (3) is the vision of Pastor Kirbyjon H Caldwell, Sr Pastor at  Windsor Village …

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Richard Huebner – Doing Business with the Best 9.28.2013

Richard Huebner On-Air Executive Entrepreneur Hour with Jonyprofit on NEWS92FM

Richard A. Huebner On-Air Executive Entrepreneur Hour with Jonyprofit on NEWS92FM Richard A. Huebner is President of the Houston Minority Supplier Development Council, one of 37 affiliates of the National Minority Supplier Development Council. In 1985, Huebner responded to a blind ad in the Wall Street Journal that provided a perfect match for his proven skills in association management and …

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Watch One-on-One with Verna Heath

Nothing can wipe out everything you built faster than a Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing, Learn to stop making it easy on thieves and keep your business out of hot water for failing to comply to expensive regulation penalties and lawsuits! Jonyprofit talks with Verna Heath, Indentity Theft Protection Specialist of LegalShield. Contact Verna Heath: 281-748-5261

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Watch One-on-One with Chonya Johnson

   Government is the referee of business and you better know how to talk to them if you want to get home team advantage calls in the game of commerce! Jonyprofit talks Networking and Resource Strategy live with Chonya Johnson, America’s 5 Minute Advocate, Government Affairs and Business Consultant. Contact Chonya Johnson: Twitter: 5MAdvocate I Facebook: 5MinuteAdvocate ph: 301.259.1259 I …

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Trentino Gelato, Marcelo Kreindel 09.21.2013

After relocating to Houston in 2001, Marcelo Kreindel remembers missing the vibrant gelateria culture of his hometown Buenos Aires almost immediately.  While ice cream enjoys immense popularity in the United States, its Italian forbearer – gelato – still remains outside of the nation’s mainstream dessert options. “In Buenos Aires, gelato shops are a part of daily life,” he says. “They …

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We Talk Adizes? 09-21-2013

Arguably, one of top trainers in corporate leadership is Dr. Ichak Adizes he has helped thousands of companies make billions of dollars by applying much of what Jonyprofit shares on-air each week. This Clark Wigley, Managing Director Adizes USA will discuss the principles and methods of Adizes as well as let you know how to learn more at no cost. More about …

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