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We Talk Adizes? 09-21-2013

Arguably, one of top trainers in corporate leadership is Dr. Ichak Adizes he has helped thousands of companies make billions of dollars by applying much of what Jonyprofit shares on-air each week. This Clark Wigley, Managing Director Adizes USA will discuss the principles and methods of Adizes as well as let you know how to learn more at no cost.

More about our guest:

Clark works around the world to teach Adizes and guide clients to transform their organizations through Adizes. For over 35 years, he has helped CEOs and their leadership teams successfully address growth, profitability, and other tough management challenges. In doing so he has helped his clients generate tens of millions of dollars in revenue, profits, and enterprise value.

Mr. Wigley brings the pragmatic perspective of a former chief executive with a bias towards straight talk, practical solutions, and results. He has first-hand knowledge of the trials and tribulations faced by both Founders and large company executives, having been a senior executive in several organizations and a Founder in numerous entrepreneurial ventures. He knows how to build young organizations and understands the unique challenges of family-owned businesses. Mr. Wigley also understands how to rejuvenate mature enterprises and has guided several private and public sector organizations through the tricky waters of large-scale multi-year transformation.

Clark has been a long term trusted advisor to owners and executives in a wide range of industries including digital media, financial services, environmental services, insurance, defense, direct marketing, publishing, IT, hardware, software, manufacturing, professional services, real estate, construction, and telecommunications.

Mr. Wigley began his career as a combat engineer officer in the US Army Corps of Engineers. His initial leadership training was gained with Ranger Battalions and Special Forces teams in the jungles of Panama. Clark holds an MBA from UCLA, and an MS and BS in Engineering from Lehigh University.

He is married with two adult sons and makes his home in the Silicon Valley




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